Cindi (Schmalfeldt) (Greaves) Murphy (1952-2009)

In a family of brave, tough women, Cindi was a brave, tough woman.

When she was in high school, she was a popular girl.  Not quite a hippie, but on the fringe.

She joined the Navy out of high school but was discharged when she got pregnant with her son, Robbie, who died when he was 9 months old in 1973.

She had two beautiful daughters with her rat bastard of a husband before they broke up.  Another daughter with someone she was planning to marry (who fled like a coward when she got pregnant).  She gave her daughter up for adoption.  Then she met and married a fine young man named Dave Murphy.  They had two more children, Tommy and Maggie.

In late 2008, Cindi learned she had esophageal cancer.  She fought it like a bearcat, having surgery, enduring radiation therapy and chemo.  But esophageal cancer usually wins this battle, and Cindi went on to the next level on November 4, 2009.  Same day as my Uncle Bob.

Cindi gets to hold Peter, too! 1978

Me, Cindi and Jack on Cindy's Wedding Day

I have a lot of pictures of Cindi, none of which I prize more than the one I took of the two of us together the last time I saw her in early 2009.

My last picture with Sis

I will always picture my older sister, her spirit wandering in the mountains of New Mexico that she loved so much.


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