Genevieve (Munko) Schmalfeldt (1891-1988)

Granny was a good-lookin’ gal!  She was born in Duluth, Minnesota — second daughter of John and Genowefa Munko.  I’m not sure of the circumstances of her meeting my grandfather, but I’m glad she did.

This picture was taken in 1937.  That’s Granny in the dark dress.  Her sister, my Great Aunt Mae is on the left.  My Dad stands next to Aunt Mae, I think the older girl in the middle is Mae’s daughter, my late Cousin Alice, no idea who the little girl is, the little boy is my Uncle Bob.

Granny was the ultimate family person.  She lived in that house you saw on my Grandfather’s page until months before she died of liver cancer in 1988.  She saw her oldest son die in 1983 and lived through a lot of tragedy.

She never lost her zest for life. In the above photo, she’s holding my oldest son, Peter, in 1978.

Here she is with my Uncle Bob, leaving my sister Cindi’s wedding in 1979.  That’s me and Peter behind them.

Granny was a good old girl, and she represented everything good about our family.


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