John Schmalfeldt (1880-1945)

This is currently the only picture I have of my Grandpa Schmalfeldt.  He and a bunch of his pals, in the back yard of his house on the north end of Lyons, Iowa (now Clinton, Iowa) in 1914 — 14 years before my father was born.  He’s the fella in the stylish hat, 5th from the left.  The resemblance between Grandpa and my older brother Jack is just remarkable.

I know there are other pictures of Grandpa out there, I recall seeing one of him taken by a formal photographer.  If someone has a copy, please send it to me.

Grandpa married Grandma later in his life.  He had two kids, my Dad and my Uncle Bob.  He worked as a laborer at a lock factory near his home.  He died in 1945 of leukemia and was buried in an unmarked grave in Oakland Cemetery in Clinton.  He has since been joined in that grave by two unborn children of my mother, and his wife.


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