Robert F. Schmalfeldt (1934-2009)

Three generations of Schmalfeldt men.  My oldest son, Peter, Me and my Uncle Bob.

How in the world he survived as long as he did is a mystery.  I loved my uncle.  Loved him with all my heart.  But he had a little problem with the booze.  Dad was no paragon of great health, but how Uncle Bob survived him by more than 26 years will forever boggle my mind.

He was married a couple times.  Once to Millie.  Had two kids, Bobby and Brenda.  Then he married Edna Rockwell.  They never really seemed happy together, and she seemed more of a caretaker than a wife to him.

Uncle Bob was an ill man for quite some time.  He finally died, not sure from what, exactly, on the same day as my sister, Cindi.  November 4, 2009.

He was a great uncle, a good friend, and a pretty jolly drunk.  Worse could be said about a person.

Uncle Bob and Me at his favorite haunt, the Eagles Club in Clinton, Iowa. 2004.


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